Less than 15% chance of survival.  Dylan was not expected to live.

Today he teaches others how to “be a cure” in a world filled with cancer.



 Feeling a lack of purpose in his senior year of college, Dylan was suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide.  Following his first diagnosis with melanoma at age 22, Dylan had surgery that left him with a seven inch scar down the right side of his face.  Falling into a deeper depression, Dylan ran from his demons, masking them with alcohol, drugs, food, and any other distraction he could find. 8 months later, he was involved in a fatal car accident where he lost a high school classmate and friend.
Just when things could not seem to get any worse, Dylan made the decision to leave college after his friends became worried he might take his own life.  Just when things couldn’t seem to get any worse, the cancer returned, just a year and a half after his original diagnosis.

In five years, Dylan literally took his life from Stage Four 2 On Stage.  Now he is challenging you to do the same.
Whether it is a life threatening diagnosis, a cancerous teammate, relationship, or self-sabotaging thoughts that are keeping you from pursuing your dreams. The world is full of cancer.

We have a choice. BE A CURE.